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  Title, Description, License, Cost, Platform Release Date Size / Screen
  LiveWire! Broadcast 3.6 Register
LiveWire! Broadcast locates all types of streaming multimedia on the Internet such as live radio, audio/video segments and more.
[ Shareware, $24.00 - Windows ME/NT/98/95 ]
10-Oct-2001 3,270 K
  MP3QF: MP3 Quick Find Utility 2.00
A small and very fast utility to index your audio files on both HD's and CD's.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows ME/NT/98/95 ]
06-Sep-2000 98 K
  bpmwizard 1.03
BPM Wizard is a shareware program for DJs, that displays automaticaly the BPM (Beats per Minute) of the music playing on the sound card.
[ Shareware, $10.00 - Windows ME/NT/98/95 ]
01-Sep-2000 167 K
Virtual Singer 3.2
Make your computer sing. Virtual Singer is an additional module (plug-in) for Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant.
[ Shareware, $25.00 - Windows XP/ME/2000/98; Macintosh ]
05-Jan-2006 609 K
  Audiotools 3.50 Register
Audiotools is a direct to disk recorder used to record from LPs and cassettes whilst breaking into separate files by song either automatically , into fixed-length chunks or under user control.
[ Shareware, $20.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95 ]
28-Jun-2001 3,998 K
  PlayList-Editor 1.0
Designed to be the best editor for playlists with integrated database. It is fully 32-bit, multithreaded program, targeted on Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0.
[ Shareware, $27.00 - Windows ME/NT/98/95 ]
30-Aug-2000 1,713 K
Program for listening to and recording from popular radiocards AimsLab RadioTrack, RadioTrack II, Reveal RA300, SoundForte SF16 - FMP2, SoundForte SF16 - FMI, Aztech / Packard Bell, Comp - Express,...
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows ME/NT/98/95 ]
25-Sep-2000 695 K
  KarCheck - The KAR-file Manager 1.13
Sometimes when you are downloading many KAR-files from Internet you get some files that you already have on your hard disc. KarCheck is the program which can handle this sort of problem.
[ Shareware, $10.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95 ]
29-Aug-2000 1,840 K
Displays your CDPLAYER.INI and lets you search through it. Runs under Win32. Use your own CDPLAYER.INI (located in your windows directory e.g. "C:\WINDOWS\") or use the example CDPLAYER.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows ME/NT/98/95 ]
25-Aug-2000 543 K
  Crystal Audio Engine (Full System) 0.1b
Crystal Audio Engine is a multichannel audio engine with Open System Design for Digital Signalprocessing in realtime. The current release supports 4 audio channels at 44.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows ME/NT/98/95 ]
22-Aug-2000 2,020 K
ToneBank 1.1 Register
Complete bank manager/editor for the Roland XP-30/50/60/80 series of music workstations and the Roland JV-1010/1080/2080 sound modules. Convenient, Explorer-like interface.
[ Shareware, $19.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98 ]
27-Jul-2001 299 K
  AudioSwitcher 1.00
A program to switch the recording input of your soundcard at different times of day.   Your sound card must support "mutable" inputs as opposed to "selectable" inputs.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows ME/NT/98/95 ]
14-Aug-2000 166 K
  Verb PRO 1.5
The Verb PRO is THE professional reverb you've been waiting for. Iit is truly stereo, generating exceptional stereo imaging. It can compete with the best hardware reverberators.
[ Shareware, $189.00 - Windows ME/NT/98/95 ]
19-Sep-2000 2,013 K
  cubicstudio 1.2
Three main functions: 1) It has the basic functions of a sound editor--cutting, pasting, and mixing Wav files. 2) It can easily and freely transform Wav files using 3D and other effects.
[ Shareware, $0.00 - Windows ME/NT/98/95 ]
02-Aug-2000 5,220 K
GoldWave 5.70
A professional digital audio player, editor, converter, recorder, and analyzer. It includes many effects, such as equalizers, noise reduction, and time warp. Displays real-time visuals. Supports MP3, WAV, WMA, iTunes M4A and many more formats.
[ Shareware, $59.00 - Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000 ]
24-Oct-2013 7,965 K
  KeyParrot 2.1
The small programm. It imitate sound of typewriter when you press keys. It can output sounds via PC Speaker always, or only when sound card used.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows ME/98/95 ]
27-Jul-2000 218 K
  Sound Cue 2000 1.0 Register
An essential tool for sound designers and operators in amateur and small professional theatres.
[ Shareware, $49.95 - Windows ME/NT/98/95 ]
25-Jul-2000 2,269 K
  FM STEREO 2000 Register
The Windows 95/98 Replacement software for REVEAL's RA300 and AimsLab's RadioTrack FM Tuner Cards that thousands of people try every month.
[ Shareware, $14.95 - Windows ME/98/95 ]
24-Jul-2000 944 K
  XG-Wizard 1.33b
MIDI Editor & Librarian for ALL XG gears especially for SW1000XG * Remote Control Interface: Edit your XG gear directly via your MIDI keyboard even if another program is active - you haven't seen it .
[ Shareware, $20.00 - Windows ME/NT/98/95 ]
19-Jul-2000 1,316 K
  Mp3List 1
This program searches Your hard drive for mp3 files. Can edit the tags of the files. Play the files. Save the list of files it finds. etc.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows ME/98/95 ]
11-Jul-2000 219 K
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