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MIDI Tracker

Latest files: MP3 Music file (1.2M) - Live recording from MIDI Tracker with soundbank

Another live recording: MP3 Music file (2.8M)

Eurodance example (Mp3)
Happy hardcore melody example (MIDI)
Trance example (Mp3) (MIDI)

  • MIDI Music Sequencer
  • MIDI Import routines
  • MIDI Export routines
  • XM Import routines
  • Virtual MIDI keyboard - optimized for PC keyboard - 32 keys
  • Virtual MIDI Piano - 4 modes - from 70% to 200% - up to 128 keys
  • Pattern editor - Excel type
  • Many tracks per single channel
  • Free channel to MIDI channel pointing
  • Sequence Editor - switched on/off channels from single or multiple patterns
  • Copy/paste works like Excel
  • Change MIDI patch from toolbar or hotkey
  • Play chords and insert it into sequencer
  • Play the live perfomance by switching channels in realtime or switching the patterns with no breaks
  • Small file size of Mtr files
  • MIDI Import: Convert MIDI files to optimized patterns - cusmomisable 'Pack song' feature
  • Control change (CC) events (including NRPN, RPN) editing, saving, exporting to MIDI files
  • Automation tracks including Filter Cutoff, Filter resonance supported (with appropriate device)
  • Bank select (MSB, LSB) for every patch - ability to control external MIDI syntesizers like Yamaha PSR-340
  • Chords playing using current Key signature
  • Editable chord type
  • Editable templates to use in Pattern Editor - can be loaded from any track of any pattern
  • Transpose selection/track/channel/pattern using current Key signature
  • Customizable Font type and Font size, 2 different color schemes to choose from
  • Use any MIDI Device including software synthesizers, any sound banks

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